Seniors more likely to fall victim to scams

Did you know United Way of the EUP has a staff person who works with our elder population to inform and education them about current and trending fraud and scams in the area?

Lindsey Flygare, Elder Empowerment Specialist, hosts regular monthly coffee chats across the Eastern Upper Peninsula in partnership with local law enforcement officials and other elder service representatives to ensure our senior citizens know what to watch for when receiving an email, text, letter, or phone call from someone asking them for sensitive information. 

In each coffee chat, she shares information, such as this below, to bring awareness to the new ways 'bad actors' are taking advantage of our vulnerable seniors. 

What is "smishing"?

Text message scams, or "smishing" (a combination of “SMS” and “phishing”), refers to the fraudulent practice of tricking individuals into revealing sensitive information—such as passwords or credit card details.

These messages often contain urgent or enticing information designed to evoke an immediate response. They may request the recipient to click on a malicious link, provide personal information or even call a specific number.

Learn more about some of the most common smishing scams ➡️ 🔗