United 365 Challenge

It doesn't take much to give back to the community!

You don't have to be a major corporation to make a difference. United Way of the Eastern Upper Peninsula is challenging YOU (yes, you) and your network to participate in promoting lasting, positive change right here in the Eastern U.P. by joining the UNITED 365 Challenge this year. 

If you’re reading, this you’re likely a Yooper and understand the value of a strong community. We depend on one another regularly – whether we’re digging each other out of snowdrifts or bringing dinner to a neighbor. Being a strong community means we determine the status of our local economy and our own livelihoods. Our lifestyles, our welfare and ultimately our futures are defined by how well we, as a united community, can work together toward a common goal. Which is why we’re challenging our Yooper friends and family to support the community in which they live by donating a dollar a day for a year. That’s $365 … there are approximately 42,800 adults living in the E.U.P. Can you imagine what would happen if we were all able to come together to support the community we live in? The impact we could have in our own backyards? Our UNITED 365 challenge will help pave the way for our community to grow stronger and our residents to live better.

What is the UNITED 365 Challenge?

While United Way of the Eastern Upper Peninsula has been bringing businesses, individuals, and organizations together to advance the common good for the last 65+ years, a new initiative is emerging to make philanthropy easier and more rewarding for all the organizations and programs we support across our region. We are inviting you to become a UNITED 365 Challenge partner. As such, there are a variety of ways for you to participate, detailed below. 

Ways to Invest: 

UNITED 365 Challenge gives you the opportunity to participate in the United Way of Eastern Upper Peninsula’s campaign, it will help drive traffic to your business or organization webpage, and we’ll all have a bit of fun in the process.

Ways to get involved in the 365 Challenge:

  • Write a one-time, annual, tax-deductible $365 pledge for United Way of the Eastern Upper Peninsula. Or give directly, here: UNITED 365 Challenge 
  • Encourage staff to donate for a Jeans Day
  • Challenge your staff, co-workers, friends, or family to pitch in together to raise another $365 to match your contribution. The gift goes full circle for a total gift of $730! 
  • Create an in-store benefit event or sales promotion that invites your customers to be a part of your UNITED 365 Challenge. Here are some examples:
    • Pledge a percentage of sales or proceeds from a special item purchased or designate a day where a percentage of proceeds will benefit United Way of the Eastern Upper Peninsula (don’t forget to tell us about it so we can help you promote!)
    • Set up cash register coin collection displays or roundups in your POS system.
  • Ask us for more fun ideas! United Way of the Eastern Upper Peninsula is excited to work with you to fit your needs and goals. We have some very creative team members just waiting to brainstorm ideas with you!

Return On Investment

Not only can our community benefit from this investment, but your business or organization benefits too. Member benefits for $365 or more include:

  • Member window decal 
  • Listing as a donor on United Way of the Eastern Upper Peninsula’s website
  • Listing as a donor in United Way of the Eastern Upper Peninsula’s Annual Report
  • Photo op and recognition on social media platforms
  • Invitations to United Way of the Eastern Upper Peninsula programs and events
  • The opportunity to give back to your community in a way that makes sense for you.

Step up to the challenge and stand apart as a philanthropic leader in the Eastern Upper Peninsula!