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Check out what opportunities are available in the E.U.P. through our convenient Volunteer Portal! 

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The United Way Volunteer & Community Engagement Center’s role in the community is centered on the ability to:

  • Connect people with the opportunity to serve
  • Build the capacity for effective local volunteering
  • Promote volunteering by recognizing volunteers for their important service
  • Participate in the strategic initiatives that mobilize volunteers

Since its official launch in June 2000, the Volunteer & Community Engagement Center has reached into virtually every neighborhood in the E.U.P. community to promote, recognize and link to service for area residents. Whether helping to conduct student service days within local schools, convening local stakeholder to address identified needs in the community, or recognizing outstanding service performed, the Volunteer & Community Engagement Center is at the heart of service in the E.U.P. community.

Did You Know? We are one of 28 Volunteer Centers across the state, that help shape new programs and services available in Michigan.

Contact our office for more information, or to schedule a demonstration on how to set up your account and use our new Volunteer Portal.

Or call: 906.632.3700 ext. 3

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