Mission & Vision

Mission – Vision – Impact Areas

Our mission is to advance the common good by mobilizing the caring power of communities.

Our vision: United Way of the Eastern Upper Peninsula serves as the catalyst to mobilize people and share resources that strengthen the diversity and improve the quality of life in our communities.

10-Year Goals of United Way

The areas of education, income, and health are vital to strong communities. United Way’s 10-year goals reflect the importance of these factors to the common good.

  • Cutting the number of students who drop out by half requires improved readiness for kindergarten and closer attention to students as they move through the school system.
  • Cutting the number of financially unstable working families by half requires strategies to help people increase income, save, and grow long-term assets.
  • Increasing by one-third the percentage of healthy youth and adults requires that more Americans have access to health coverage and to good primary care from (and even before) birth, as well as the resources to avoid or stop substance abuse and other risky behaviors.

Impact Areas

Our community impact agenda establishes four priority impact areas:

Education: preparing children and youth to achieve their potential to become accountable adults who are emotionally, cognitively and physically prepared to succeed in school, work and community.

Income: helping individuals find support, promoting long-term financial stability and maintaining independence.

Health: improving people’s health by providing physical and mental health services and access to them.

Basic Human Needs: addressing basic, temporary and urgent needs including food, shelter, safety and disaster/crisis response through programs that encourage and facilitate a return to self-sufficiency.

Through the work of our partner agencies, United Way helps children and youth succeed, strengthens and supports families, promotes self-sufficiency, helps to build vital and safe neighborhoods, and supports vulnerable and aging populations.

The United Way activates community resources to make the greatest possible human impact. We work to bring the community together to focus on the most important human needs by building partnerships, forging consensus and leveraging resources to make a measurable local difference.

Ensuring Your Dollars Get Measurable and Accountable Results

Transparency and Accountability – Stringent policies and procedures ensure that each organization and program in which we invest is a non-profit, tax-exempt charity governed by unpaid volunteers, and that it submits an annual, independent financial audit, provides services at a reasonable cost, and maintains a policy of non-discrimination. Hundreds of United Way volunteers and the simplicity of corporate payroll deduction keep administrative expenses low.