Community Engagement

Meet our 2018-2019 Campaign Team!

From left
Mark SanAngelo, Campaign Chair  
Sharon SanAngelo, Campaign Chair

Ginger Stratton, Campaign Co-Chair
Robert Stratton, Campaign Co-Chair


When you LIVE UNITED, it’s not about just wearing the t-shirt!

Remember: your investment helps to address these four identified Community Impact areas:

  • Education
  • Income
  • Health
  • Basic Human Needs

Campaign Leaders Welcome Challenge to LIVE UNITED

Did you know? Community volunteers drive your United Way! United Way’s annual fundraising campaign is spear-headed by volunteer campaign leaders and coordinated by a team of volunteers assigned to particular individuals and businesses in the community. Volunteers pass out the campaign information to their neighbors and co-workers and solicit the return of donations and pledges.

The distribution of the amount raised starts with Citizens Review Panels, comprised of over 50 local United Way donors, who volunteer their time to listen to the funding requests of agencies supported by United Way, and who make recommendations for distribution of annual funds. The United Way Board of Directors, (who are also community-minded volunteers), then review the panel’s recommendation, and will adjust funding amounts if necessary (as the current budget considerations require). The Board oversees the operations and expenses of the United Way, making sure that it serves its intended purpose.

Thank you to our many community volunteers who make United Way truly a community organization!

Workplace Campaign Toolkit
Need ideas for running your workplace campaign? Are you a community volunteer looking for a fun way to support your United Way?
We have a 2017-2018 campaign toolkit available (below) with lots of great information, and fun ideas to implement in your workplace & community!
Print your 2017-2018 Campaign Toolkit today!
Coordinator’s Guide
2017-2018 UWEUP Donor Pledge Forms
Fun Ideas
Our Impact Areas (a.k.a. Impact ‘Buckets’)
2017-2018 Campaign Goal – Workplace Poster
How Your Dollar Helps
Where Does the Money Go?